Brands : Al-Daya'a

Al-Daya'a was established in 1996 by two young friends, Saeed Rassas and Raed Bdeir. Growing up in Jordan, they often
enjoyed shawerma together as they talked and dreamed about their futures. However, they lived with a sense of dissatisfaction at the variety in taste and quality of the shawerma they ate. From shop to shop and even day to day,
the standard of each shawerma was different, and was often poorly presented and not served in the best surroundings.
The friends longed for a place to regularly enjoy one of Jordan’s finest cuisines in a clean and attractive environment

The young men had a dream to change the shawerma industry, to revolutionize the concept of shawerma in people’s thinking into a delicious, quality meal that could be enjoyed in a clean and friendly restaurant environment. In that moment Al-Dayaa was born!

Recognizing the need and committed to the vision, Saeed and Raed worked hard over many years to turn their dream into reality. Starting with one restaurant, the business has grown to become a successful chain, a household name in Jordan and the nation’s preferred choice for shawerma. In partnership with its manufacturing company, Al-Nouah, Al-Daya'a shawerma meets international standards for food hygiene and ensures every bite is as fresh and tasty as the last.

The Al-Daya'a story continues as the business partners start to dream about the future, franchising the chain globally.
The next step in their vision is to introduce to the world the successful combination of delicious taste and quality service that has made it such a sensation in Jordan. The shawerma revolution, which begun in Jordan, is now beginning to cross borders and bring the exquisite flavors of Al-Daya'a shawerma to people everywhere.




Al Nakheel Mall
Jarir Street